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Lora Ottenad

At 5’8″ and with a contest weight of approximately 175 lbs., Lora is one of the largest female bodybuilders competing today.

One of her greatest wins putting her on the map was the 2000 USA Heavyweight Championship winning her class. Earning the nickname, the Washington Monument. Lora staying relevant in all the National shows prior to turning pro in 06. For over 10 years placing never out the top 5.

After a fifth-place finish in 2005, she finally earned her pro card in 2006 by winning the prestigious overall Nationals championship heavyweight overall title. Along with Lora’s many accomplishments and accolades. Lora is also a powerlifting Champion known to be one of the strongest female bodybuilding women in the world! Leg pressing almost a ton! Bench Pressing for reps 315-lbs! Stand-up military Barbell curling over 150lbs for reps!

Lora Ottenad has dedicated her entire life to Nutrition, Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Coaching-Helping many other Athletes in Health & Fitness.

Together with Aponte training Systems they have over 60 Years combined experience to Share & help achieve your Goals Beyond your dreams!

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Aponte Training Systems has experience helping athletes build their bodies. Aponte Training Systems has experience in training professional MMA, Pro-Boxing. Pro bodybuilding athletes have been serviced and brought some of the greatest athletes in the world to the highest levels in all these fields with major success. Winning many bodybuilding titles including the 2000 -Arnold Schwarzenegger classic.

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